Tips For The Ultimate Kitchen Make-Over

Most people agree, the kitchen is the focal point of your home. This is the place where everyone comes together with the warmth and scents of home. This room probably gets more “living” time that any other room of the house. This is the heart of the home. When it comes time to remodel or upgrade the kitchen, it becomes an “adventure”. However, the professionals have specific ways to cut the cost of the remodel, without compromising the beauty or value. You can shave costs without giving up the quality you desire. Here are a few of the tips the pros use: 

1. The very first error many people make is trying to save money by doing the plans themselves. This is a major mistake. A skilled contractor can save you thousands of dollars in design cost, material choices, and special effects that will bring it all together. A mistake in remodeling may double the price of the project. Hire a professional

2. Cabinets are a good investment and one that is almost always required. However, if the cabinets are simply cosmetically unwanted (but still in good condition) consider painting them bright white. This immediately updates the look of the kitchen. Match your knobs and handles to the faucet to update the look and bring it all together. If the cabinets are beyond painting, consider simply changing the cabinet doors to a more modern look. 

3. Go with quality pieces. Choose main feature pieces with beauty, stability and quality in mind. For example, a modern faucet such as those provided by Maestro Bath, brings   a unique style to the entire room. Whether your faucet and sink are in the kitchen island or along the wall, the faucet must draw the eye while providing value. 

4. Be prepared. When your plans are developed and you know what you will need, gather the items and supplies before you begin the project. This ensures you will not forget anything which will cost you time. Further, if you have items that are hard to find, you will have time to find them or make adjustments. Once the project begins, there should be nothing in the way of completion.

5. Save steps. When remodeling the kitchen, think about what you are doing in the kitchen and where. Hanging pots and pans or large cupboards to store them should be near the stove. The sink should remain near the dishwasher and trash compactor. Islands are beautiful but make them functional with an area for utensils and cutting boards. If the island will serve a dual purpose such as an eating area, allow enough room for comfort. Your kitchen design is for function and aesthetics.

6. Outlets are important. Place multiple electric outlets along the backsplash as well as on the island. You should have the electric power to work wherever you want to. These are easy to include during your remodeling stage.

7. To break up the clunky look of block cabinets, consider adding glass doors or glass shelves for display. You can also add a wine cabinet with a wine bottle stand built in. This is a beautiful addition that adds a bit of old-time charm.

With a little planning, you can have the beautiful kitchen of your dreams. Be wise with your purchases and consider the quality of the products you choose. Your kitchen will serve you well for years to come.

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