Frequently Asked Questions:


1. [Q]: I want to remodel my kitchen. What next? 

    [A]:  The first step is to make your wish list. Find some pictures or articles that have styles, colors and designs you like. Take basic measurements of the area you want us to work with and the placement of the current appliances, sinks, etc. You may call us to get some guidance on how to measure all this. Then stop in to Europe Construction showroom and consult with our kitchen and bathroom design specialists. 


2. [Q]: What if I can't choose and I'm  overwhelmed by all the choices?

     [A]: We understand your frustration and believe us we know how deal with this. We recommend to get back to the basics plan and add new ideas that you like and eliminate ideas that you have decided against. Your Europe Construction design specialist will be happy to guide you every step of this way.


3. [Q]: How do I choose the right cabinets for my new kitchen?

   [A]: There are several differences between the types of cabinets. Identifying your needs and what style you're looking for is important in determining which type of cabinet is right for your kitchen. 

Talk to one of our design specialists, and use below cabinet guide to help you narrow your selection:

  • Cabinets in stock

Europe Construction's stock cabinet line features many of doors styles, the most popular wood species, many of finishes and optional plywood sides and dove tailed drawers.

  • Semi-Custom

Semi-custom cabinets are very popular. These kitchen cabinets are designed in a manner that allows for the modification in depth and width which enhances the opportunity for great customization. They also offer more cabinet options, door styles, cabinet types, and finishes than a stock cabinet line. The semi-custom kitchen cabinet line offers many more door styles, wood species, and wood finishes which can be mixed and matched in thousands of door style and finish combinations.

Semi-custom cabinets are high quality from top to bottom, with a moderate price range - an affordable cabinet and a great value.

  • Custom

Custom cabinets can be made to meet any need or desire you have. The custom kitchen cabinet lines carried by Europe Construction offer a large variety of sizes, configurations and designs. Custom cabinets can also be constructed to almost any size or requirement you have. The custom cabinet line at Europe Construction offers the the most wood species and finishes, door styles, including custom matched stain.  Custom cabinets are of the highest quality and offer virtually unlimited options, so you can create a one-of-a-kind dream kitchen with features galore.


4. [Q]: How long will the job take?

     [A]: Many of our kitchen remodels are completed within a week. This can vary depending on the scope of the work you choose.


5. [Q]: Do I have to be home while you do remodeling? 

     [A]: That’s all up to you. We usually like prefer you to be there on the first day to let the installer in so that you know who will be working in your home. Other than that, you can come and go as you wish. We’re fully licensed, bonded and insured and we have a great group of honest, upstanding installers working for us who we trust in our home as much as we trust them in yours.


6. [Q]: What about my current appliances?

     [A]: You want to keep or replace them? That is a decision you will have to make. It is important to let your designer know the actual size of the appliances that you currently have or will be purchasing as these dimensions will impact the placement of cabinetry. If you're considering replacing your appliances, let your designer know, Europe Construction offers a full line of appliances for your shopping convenience.


7. [Q]: What about counter-tops? At what point do I need to make my selection?

     [A]: We have a wide selection of counter-top styles and materials that you may choose from. It is a good idea to make your counter-top selection when you make your cabinetry selection. In this case we can coordinate the installation of the counter-top with the arrival of the cabinetry.


8. [Q]: How long does it take for my cabinets to arrive once I've made my choice?

     [A]: We expect your cabinets to arrive within four to six weeks. This will vary among manufacturers. When you are making your selections, your designer will let you know what type of time frame you can expect. But please note that we'll do our best to make deliver your cabinets as soon as possible. 


9. [Q]: I still have a questions but I'd like to talk to someone. How do I contact you? 

    [A]: We would love to hear from you. Our professional designers are there to assist. Please send us an email at or call us at (760) 683-9293.