Europe Construction is an American home remodeling company that is proud to call San Diego, California it’s home. However, there is a true origin behind every successful company. Europe Construction has been in San Diego since 2009, but the original nucleus of the company took form many years ago, in the vast steppes of Europe’s breadbasket, Ukraine.


The owner and founder of Europe Construction, Sergiy Korelov, was born and raised in Ukraine. His father was a carpenter by trade who taught Sergiy the skills and secrets behind woodworking in the field of construction. In fact, Sergiy comes from a long line of men who worked in the construction trade. Craftsmanship is in his blood and he is proud of it!

Sergiy was never content to continue the family trade in Ukraine. He loved his country, but he wanted to take his skills beyond the borders of Eastern Europe. Sergiy wanted to bring his craft to America. The idea of the American Dream had been stuck in his head ever since he had first heard about it. In his mind, it was about time that someone brought the Korelov family skills to the world.

In 2001, Sergiy made the transition to America with his wife and children. Other than a few clothes, his only possession was the $1500 he had in his pocket. Knowing that he had a family to support in a new country and a legacy to live up to, Sergiy wasted no time. He immediately began educating himself about his new adopted home and found his first job in the US as a cabinet door builder. It was a field in which he found great success.

In his heart, Sergiy possesses the entrepreneurial spirit that has made America famous and prosperous. He always wanted to begin his own ventures, so he moved to Alaska to begin his first construction company. It was a difficult venture, but he made a name for himself as a diligent and courteous professional who got the job done in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Sergiy found great success in Alaska, but eventually he decided that another state would be better suited to the vision he had.

In 2009, Sergiy relocated to sunny California. He decided to make San Diego his new home and base of operations. As most everyone knows, the country was still reeling from the great economic downturn of 2008. The business climate in America was gloomy and there was not a lot of confidence in any small business ventures. Sergiy was well aware of this grim situation, but he was determined to come out on top. Thus, it was in San Diego when he came up with the idea to open a company that would specialize in home remodeling.

That idea gave birth to Europe Construction!

It is accurate to say that Sergiy built the company from scratch. It was not an easy task, but with a good and prudent business sense and a meticulous attention to the needs of his clients, Sergiy made Europe Construction into a home construction and remodeling powerhouse in Southern California.

Based out of San Diego and servicing Southern California, Europe Construction is a family owned business, not a giant mega corporation. Our clients can take comfort in the fact that they can deal directly with Sergiy himself. He brings a unique brand of customer care to the table for each and every job. He takes pride in taking care of his clients, and nothing satisfies him more than seeing the expressions of wonder and amazement when the clients first see their newly remodeled home.

Since it’s inception in 2009, Europe Construction has become a trusted name in construction and remodeling. Europe Construction is the penultimate manifestation of Sergiy’s boyhood dreams of making a name for himself. In short, Sergiy has lived and embodied the American Dream. He knows how important it is to stay on time, on budget, and stay informed on every project. Sergiy and his expert staff at Europe Construction treat your home like it is their home.

Europe Construction is dedicated to making your house a brand new place that you can be proud to call your own.